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Vido Security Guards can assist you in the significant task of assessing your security requirements. With over 50 years combined experience in securing your homes and offices. Vido Security Guards is unique because the company is owned by the very people that form the management.

Vido Security Guards believes in ‘a-hands-on’ approach, where the business is run by the owners. Because management and ownership are one and the same, the day to day running of all our services, are in the best of hands. Vido Security Guards are professional, dedicated and always looking out for the client’s needs. Vido Security Guards knows that each and every client deserves the best, and make sure that every customer is completely satisfied. Always through and meticulous, your safety and protection is always of our utmost priority.

In drawing up the security requirements of clients Vido Security Guards believes that the image and branding of our services must be reflected with a positive bearing on your company. This underlines the needs for quality service and cost effective security management programmes.

Vido Security Guards knows that quality systems and equipment contribute to ensuring an effective security service and such is what we make available to you. Our assurance to you is that our constancy will at all-time be thorough, knowledgeable and proficient to meet your requirements, however unique.

The foundation of our business is built around the cornerstone of integrity and confidentiality. Coupled with our unwavering commitment and dedication, Vido Security Guards guarantee you hassle free, secure and reliable service.

Our Mission Statement is;
Meeting tomorrow’s challenges today by providing a trustworthy and unique “Personalised Security Service” through equal opportunity employment an incorporating the participation of all employees towards the success of the Company.